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Strength and durability

T-Rex products significantly increase the strength and durability of your gutters. The table below indicates the weight that must be applied on the rain gutter to obtain a distortion of one inch, based on the type of fastener.

Distance between the continuous fastener screws or the spikes/hangers Traditional installation with spaced spikes and hangers T-Rex continuous fastening system
8 inches (203.2 mm) 170 lbs 250 lbs
16 inches (406.4 mm) 155 lbs 232 lbs
24 inches (609.6 mm) 140 lbs 214 lbs

Drainage without overflow

Even when most of the perforations are clogged, the DoublePro, T-Rex and Hover can drain rainfall from most storms without overflowing.

% blockage Drainage
0% 29.7" (755 mm)
50% 21.1" (537 mm)
80% 12.6" (321 mm)

Self-cleaning surface

When debris sits atop the DoublePro, T-Rex or Hover, a slight gust of wind is enough to clear it. In addition, any wet leaves will quickly dry and be blown away by the wind.

Debris (measured over 12" (305 mm)) Required wind speed
20 dried leaves Negligible
200 fir needles 5 mph
20 wet leaves 6 mph
100 pine needles 6 mph

Effective, guaranteed drainage

With 489 perforations every 19 inches (48 cm), the DoublePro, T-Rex and Hover can drain 29.7 inches (755 mm) of water per linear foot - three times more water than fell during the worst storm ever recorded. 

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Official testing results

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