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Garage doors installation

In terms of practicality and style, you should carefully weigh your options when choosing your garage door. The installers on this list can guide you in your choice and help you find the solution that best meets your needs.

Selecting the decorative elements for the door

A deciding factor in terms of the look of the door and of the garage as a whole, the decorative accessories that you choose will have a major visual impact on your home. For example, there are various arrangements of square or rectangular panels possible. In addition, the shape and finish of windows on the door vary to suit different tastes. Frosted glass, for example, combines natural light and privacy. There are also various decorative trims available as well as a vast choice of handles, hinges, and horizontal or vertical borders. The style of door itself should complement the style of the garage and the house as a whole.

Choosing a color for your garage door

As with the decorative elements, the color of the door should harmonize subtly with the style of the house's exterior. Too much color contrast usually does not enhance the look of the home. Note that certain materials such as aluminum and steel offer a broader color palette, which could have an impact on your choice of colors.

Choosing the material for your garage door

As your garage door is both a decorative and a functional element, the choice of material has a major impact. A wooden door gives the house a traditional style that can be personalized with the type of wood you chose. However, you must keep in mind that regular maintenance such as painting or staining will be required. Aluminum doors are easy to maintain and are rust resistant, in addition to being very light and easy to handle, but they have poor impact resistance. Available in a wide range of colors, steel is an alternative that will better hold up to impact, but that may rust over time. Fibreglass or PVC doors are other options that have been made available in recent years. However, they are more expensive than metal doors and have poor impact resistance.

Garage door installation

You must ensure that your garage door is installed correctly by a professional. Since the garage also often serves as a storage area, it is important that the doors be well insulated. Thus, watertight weather stripping should be installed at the bottom of the door. The installation of the door should not be taken lightly as proper installation adds value to the home.

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