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Gutter cleaning

Regular cleaning of rain gutters is very important because obstruction can easily result in water seeping into the roof or foundations. Thus, a few times a year, one of the professionals on this list can do this work for you.

Removing leaves and debris

Various leaves can get stuck in the rain gutter system. It is important to remove them in order to allow water to drain efficiently. Therefore, the person who takes care of cleaning your rain gutters will make sure to remove any conifer needles, maple seeds (helicopters) and other leaves to avoid clogging the rain gutter.

Clearing downspouts of any debris

The downspouts, and primarily elbow fittings, may also contain debris. When you flush out the rain gutters, make sure that the water is properly drained away via the downspouts. This sometimes means unscrewing the first segment of the downspout.

Washing copper rain gutters

Since copper rain gutters tarnish over time, a few extra steps are required in order to restore them to their original shine.

Application of a copper-cleaning product

First you need to apply a cleaning product designed for the copper on the outside of the rain gutter. You then need to leave the product on for a certain time in order to remove the stains.

Removal of the product applied

When the product has done its work, the professional selected from this list will gently brush the surface of the copper rain gutter to remove stains and copper oxidation.

Application of a polishing product on the rain gutter

Once the stains have been removed, the specialist will apply a polishing product to give the copper rain gutter a shiny finish.

Checking for breaks or cracks

When cleaning rain gutters, it is important to make sure that they are not cracked. It is important to pay special attention to the joints and corners, which have an even greater tendency to leak. The installers on our list can validate the sturdiness, slope and sag of the rain gutters as well as the state of the fascia boards when they clean your rain gutters in order to make sure that they are in good working condition.

Installing eavestrough protection

To avoid having to clean out rain gutters several times a year, you could install gutter protection, which will prevent debris from getting into the rain gutters. Installing a leaf guard will eliminate this tedious task and prevent water infiltration due to leaves and debris clogging the rain gutters.

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