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Here is a list of Alu-Rex product installers who also do landscaping and hardscaping work. These installers also perform all kinds of paving stone work and install low walls. Specializing in residential earthwork, they often provide general excavation services in addition to offering property management plans. Fountains, pools, patios and driveways can be built by these installers to offer you a property that matches your tastes and expectations.

Land Excavating for Foundations and Earthwork

In addition to providing landscaping and earthwork services, many of our installers offer general excavation services to our customers. As a result, you can easily have access to their excavators and qualified operators to carry out various excavation and levelling work on your property.

Preparing Landscaping Plans

Moreover, our installers who work in landscaping can also advise you on and complete your outdoor kitchen projects, pool and spa installation, or nature spa creation. Whatever type of earthwork you’ve been dreaming of, trust your ideas to our installers!

Installing Stones and Pavers

Whether you want to landscape your driveway or your backyard, erect a supporting wall, or build steps and a porch, our installers can create the design you want and install all types of paving stones and low walls. It’s also possible to have your various projects done in natural or cut stone, depending on your taste.

Planting Advice

In addition, the great majority of our paving stone and natural stone product installers can also advise you on planting. Whether you want perennials or annuals, a cedar hedge, groves or individual trees, they can help you select plants to complement your landscaping. Moreover, they can help you select aquatic plants and fish species that cohabitate well together in your various watering points.

Developing Outdoor Water Plans

Would you like a pond, a pool or a fountain on your property? We have numerous landscaping specialists that can offer you something to brighten up your home’s exterior. Landscaping various watering points on your property will provide you with places to relax while offering a Zen quality to your house.

Creating Patios and Porches

Does your patio or porch need to be replaced or would you like something different? Contact one of our earthwork specialists to choose a model that suits you. They can design plans and carry them out to provide you with a yard that meets your expectations.

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