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When it comes time to paint the inside or outside of your home, our list of specialists will help you find a residential or commercial painter in your region. They will know all about the best products required to prepare the surfaces to be painted before getting started.

Interior paint

In due season, when you must cover your furniture, accessories and floors to protect them, the specialists on this list can provide you with top-quality service. In addition, they will carefully prepare your surfaces before applying varnish or paint. Whether you want to refresh a room with a new color, varnish your woodwork or have an epoxy finish applied to your floor, we offer house painting services that will exceed your expectations. Be it ceilings, walls or floors, our specialists will apply the appropriate primer and paint to achieve the desired results.

Exterior paint

Rather than replace your exterior finish, why not update it with a coat of paint? Painting is an easy way to refresh and maintain your home's siding. There are many products available to combine cost-effectiveness, style and performance. Most of our specialists offer exterior paints that will increase the resistance of the materials on which they are applied.

Restoring decks, patios, dormers and fences

Paint or varnish can work wonders when it comes to exterior restoration. Paint, varnish or finish can be applied to refresh patios, decks, balconies, fences, wrought iron work, dormers, cornices, doors and windows.

Stripping wood, metal or brick

If you want a completely new look for your house, take advantage of the services offered by our specialists to strip interior and exterior surfaces alike. Whether you then want to varnish them to maintain the natural look, or apply a new coat of paint over them, you can choose what you prefer thanks to the various stripping techniques used.

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