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Blinds and awnings are not only a way to enhance the look of your hose, they also protect against the sun. Protecting both the inside and the outside of the house against ultra-violet rays, awning systems can be installed above windows. Available in many colors, awnings can be matched with your home's exterior finish and roof.

Types of permanent awnings

There are several types of awnings available, including retractable, deck, door and window awnings, gazebos, commercial awnings or canopies. Each model is designed to meet specific needs.

Retractable awning

A permanent installation, a retractable awning can be used specifically when protection against the sun or rain is needed.

Deck cover

The patio cover allows you to protect the deck and make the most of the warm season. Its side panels let you close off the patio and therefore protect the balcony against bad weather and nippy fall temperatures.

Door and window awnings

Rigid awnings add character to your home and reduce ambient heat in the summer by keeping out the hot rays of the sun. In addition to keeping air conditioning costs down, this type of awning also protects furniture, carpets and curtains against fading due to sunlight.

Gazebo canopy

Clearly the most popular type of awning, a garden awning lets you protect an eating or lounging area against the sun and rain. There are many shapes and models available for every situation.

Commercial or canopy-type awnings

An awning or a canopy is ideal to protect a business’ shop front. A variety of shapes, styles and sizes enhances the business’ style while offering customers shelter.

Choosing a temporary shelter

To brave winter, many home owners opt for the installation of a temporary car shelter. Here are a few criteria to help you select the shelter that is right for you.

Municipal regulations in effect

As each city has its own restrictions regarding temporary car shelters, it is important to find out about them before you make your choice. Certain types of shelters may be prohibited and certain standards may also apply in terms of the model, location or dates when car shelters can be installed.

Temporary car shelter window

To improve visibility when you drive your car out of the shelter, it is practical to opt for a temporary car shelter with two windows. Allowing you to see traffic better, homes on busy streets benefit even more from this option.

Temporary car shelter door

Depending on the entrance and location of the shelter, it is possible to choose a model that has either one or two doors. In addition, a curtain-type door that you slide to the side is easier to open than one that you have to roll up.

Tarp thickness

As a stronger tarp will need less snow clearance, opting for a 200 g/m2 tarp is recommended to increase the service life of their shelter. Ensure that it is also treated against ultra-violet rays and sewn with nylon thread or welded for extra-strong seams.

Metal framing of the car shelter metal frame

The distance between the arches that make up the structure of the shelter makes a big difference in the sturdiness of the shelter. Thus, shelters with arches 4 feet apart are much stronger than those with arches 5 feet apart.

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