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Window cleaning

Since windows bring sunshine, light and heat into your home, it is essential to wash them regularly. This task can sometimes be difficult when it involves climbing up a ladder to wash the first- and even second-story windows. Thus, it is best to call upon the services of a professional on this list to get this job done in total safety.

Cleaning the window frames

A professional can clean the window frames, sashes, glass, both inside and out, and even the screen, according to your needs. Furthermore, as needed, several of our specialists can offer you cleaning services with equipment designed for working at a height.

Window washing products

Whether they use slightly sudsy water or a concentrated product diluted in water, your windows will shine and be free of stains and dust. Certain companies even wash windows with reverse-osmosis purified water (RO water), which is in fact water that has had its salt removed and which is therefore capable of removing the impurities from your windows.

Taking down storm windows

To properly clean your storm and interior windows, it is important that your window washer take them out completely to clean the inside surfaces. Dust and spider webs will thus be eliminated from the windows, not to mention grease stains.

Maintenance of the window frame

Wood frames may require more extensive maintenance than aluminum ones. In fact, it is sometimes necessary, after a few years, to sand and paint them in order to protect them against weather conditions.

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