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About us

Alu-Rex is an established manufacturer in the eavestrough industry. Founded by two entrepreneurs with over 30 years of combined experience in installation, sales and management, Alu-Rex stands out form the competition through its broad knowledge of every detail of this industry.

The quality of our products, our knowledgeable team and our innovative marketing methods combine to position Alu-Rex as a strong industry leader.

Conquering the world

With over 100 million feet sold (30 millions meter) in less than 10 years, Alu-Rex’s rapid growth is fuelled by the constant development of new markets.

Having begun operations in Quebec City, Canada, Alu-Rex’s distribution network now spans more than 1500 outlets across Canada, the United States and Europe. Alu-Rex is proud to include renowned US Company, Ply Gem among its major partners.

Alu-Rex’s head office is still located in Quebec City; an established European division in Luxembourg provides service for the enire European Union.

Alu-Rex believes that the eavestrough industry is generally conservative and provides few innovative solutions. Alu-Rex is constantly striving to provide powerful, creative solutions for various eavestrough problems faced by homeowners and professionals installers.

Alu-Rex is proud of the revolutionary and strong worldwide presence it brings to this industry.

In the coming years, Alu-Rex is strongly positioned to expand its product lines and marketing methods as widely as possible. In order to become the industry standard and proven leader in eavestrough technology.

Forward thinking

In addition to its previously-launched products – including a total of 15 patents – Alu-Rex’s Research and Development department is producing a wide range of ideas and projects to modernize the eavestrough industry and help it adapt and respond to future challenges.