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Alu-Rex > FAQ - Rain Gutter Protection

FAQ - Rain Gutter Protection

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about our rain gutter protection solutions

If you can’t find an answer to your question here, feel free to contact us.

What‘s the difference between the 3 Alu-Rex rain gutter protection products?

All three are quality products, but each is designed to respond to a different need. Depending on your problems with snow, water, or debris; we have the rain gutter protection for you!

Maximal Drainage is designed to maximize water flow. If you live in a region with heavy precipitation and your roof tends to get larger debris, this is the product for you.

Maximal Filtration is designed to filter out small debris. It’s perfect for those living in areas with an abundance of pine trees or for houses that tend to lose a lot of shingle grids.

Maximum Sturdiness is the most robust product in the line. It delivers effective protection against snow and ice and also provides an excellent mix of debris filtration and rainwater flow.

What happens when leaves and debris clog my gutter?

Alu-Rex is the most effective retail gutter protection line on the market. In open gutters, leaves and debris can accumulate and eventually cause clogging, preventing water from draining properly. When rain gutters are clogged, there is a risk of water seeping into the home, since normal flow is obstructed. With Alu-Rex rain gutter protection, leaves and other debris won’t fill your rain gutters and will eventually be swept away by the wind instead. When it rains, water is effectively evacuated and the risk of seepage is avoided.

What happens when snow and ice clog my gutter?

Alu-Rex Rain Gutter Protection let water flow easily all year long. A rain gutter blocked by snow and ice is not functional for part of the year. When it thaws or rains there is a greater risk of water seepage. With Alu-Rex Rain Gutter Protection, snow and ice settle on top, keeping rain gutters functioning through freeze/thaw cycles and all year round.

What kind of rain gutters can I install Alu-Rex products on?

Alu-Rex rain gutter protectors are designed for standard 5” gutters. Most North American houses have this type. If you have another type of rain gutter or the opening of your gutter exceeds 4 ¼ inches, please contact us and we will suggest a product that’s right for your needs.

Can Alu-Rex Rain Gutter Protection handle heavy downpours without overflowing?

Yes, Alu-Rex products are designed to drain away large quantities of water without overflowing. From the lightest drizzle to the heaviest rain storm, you will never have to worry about your rain gutter protectors!

What happens when debris settles on top of Alu-Rex products?

It's normal that leaves and various types of debris settle on top of your rain gutter protector. Wet leaves soon dry and are blown away by the wind. Even a light breeze is enough to disperse dry debris.

Can I use a professional installer?

Even though Alu-Rex products are easy to install, you may wish to use a professional installer. Alu-Rex has a full line of products for rain gutter professionals. Visit our website at www.alu-rex.com for more details on this option and Alu-Rex’s vast network of gutter protection installation professionals.