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Alu-Rex > Rain water management at its best!

Rain water management at its best!

Discover the complete line of Alu-Rex products: the solution for effective drainage, optimal filtration, and maximum sturdiness.


The Basic Protection leaf guard is designed to protect gutters from large debris and leaves. Allowing for less maintenance and cleaning, this aluminum product is a good compromise between drainage, filtration and durability.


Maximum Drainage rain gutter protection can handle any rainstorm without overflowing, regardless of water level. Water flows continuously through your rain gutters while debris rests temporarily on your leaf guards. They let water flow all year round, even when there’s ice and snow.


Maximum Filtration from Alu-Rex home collection was designed to protect your rain gutters from leaves and debris. Thanks to Alu-Rex technology and know-how, tested millions of houses, debris can’t get into your gutters. The rain gutter protection’s smooth surface lets the wind sweep debris away.


The Alu-Rex home line features Maximum Sturdiness to prevent ice expansion in your rain gutters. Its incredible sturdiness provides four-season water flow that will last for years. Made of durable aluminum, it’s chip- and rust-resistant.

Consult our product selector to find the right rain gutter protection for you.


Here are Alu-Rex’s downspout extension!


Thanks to its great flexibility, this downspout extension can direct water to the selected area. This piece of equipment can be easily stretched, or buried for aesthetic purposes. It can also be extended by connecting it to similar extensions.


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Available in many hardware and big box stores across Canada, Alu-Rex home products are easy to find near you.

Alu-Rex also has a line of professional products that will simplify your life to the max. Visit www.alu-rex.com for more information about our network of professional installers.