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Reviews for Maximum Drainage

Overall rating


Winnipeg, Manitoba
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Easy to install. Seems to work great with our limited test.

St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Québec
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The product has a good quality and the price is very affordable. Easy to install, exactly like shown by the demonstration. Made of aluminum, the sections do not add weight to the gutters. They are light and safe. TOP quality product. (Translated from French)

Buck Tremblay
Laval, Québec
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Comment posted on Alu-Rex corporate Facebook profile:

Although I was very critical at first, right now all I can say is hats off to you guys!!! I bought an Alu-Rex leaf guard not long ago and was not satisfied with the product. I later lashed out at them by posting a rather straightforward comment on their Facebook page!! I was convinced they'd delete my comment right away and block me! Quite the contrary, I was very surprised to see that not only didn't they delete the comment, Alu-Rex took the time to speak with me and even solved my problem.I've seen companies, and people always say that client service is key, well I don't know how to put it, but you guys are way above everyone else out there in terms of customer satisfaction. I've never seen this in my entire life!A huge thanks to you all! High-end product + outstanding after-sales service, long live Alu-Rex! You deserve all the success in the world!

Thanks very much, Hugo Régimbald (Translated form French)

Québec, Québec
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Excellent. Easy to install. (Translated from French)

Sainte-Madeleine, Québec
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I installed it on an existing gutter with a rather steep slope and it's not possible to slide the back end under the shingles as they go down lower when it's a long slope. I had to work with it to allow the gutter protection system to reach behind that part of the gutter that touches the house. This ¼" section should be a little wider to make sure that it gets farther behind the gutter. It's just a simple suggestion to improve the installation of the product. Otherwise, totally satisfied and it works very well. When the gutter is connected to a downspout from a higher part of the roof, the roll-back edge is not high enough and water spills a little. (Translated from French)

Montreal, Québec
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Used it for a handyman's project. The frame is flexible. The plastic bends if exposed to high temps (expected that), but it doesn't lose the functionality. The sheet clearly has a face and back side, since the holes are coarse to touch on one side. Overall satisfied.