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Alu-Rex > Installing new rain gutters > Benefits of the continuous hanger for new eavestroughs

Benefits of the continuous hanger
for new eavestroughs

Solidly attaches rain gutters to your home

Lifetime manufacture and strudiness warranty


The T-Rex makes your rain gutters stronger.

  • It can support the weight of snow, ice and ladders.
  • It keeps snow out of eavestroughs, eliminating the risk of warping due to freezing and thawing.
Innovative design.
  • With the T-Rex continuous hanger, your rain gutters are reinforced from end to end. There are no weak points. It can even hold the weight of three people.
  • Thanks to its design and the heavy-gauge aluminum used in its construction, the T-Rex XL-M-5800 is even sturdier and more long-lasting than the regular T-Rex M-5200.

Eavestroughs work year-round

A rain gutter that is clogged with snow cannot work in the winter.


Snow and ice remain on top of the product.

  • Your eavestroughs will drain normally when it rains or the weather warms up. 
  • Protects against expansion caused by snow and ice thawing and freezing inside of the rain gutter. 

Stop leaves and debris from clogging the rain gutter

Clog-free 40-year warranty


Prevent water infiltration caused by accumulated debris and ice.

  • In summer: When a rain gutter is clogged with leaves and debris, water cannot drain and automatically goes back toward your home or falls to the ground. Water will inevitably leak into roof and foundations. T-Rex prevents leaves and debris from clogging the eavestrough, keeping water from seeping into your home.
  • In winter: T-Rex helps rain gutters function normally throughout the year. An eavestrough that is clogged with snow and ice cannot work. When it rains or the weather warms up, water will seep into the house since it cannot be drained by the eavestrough. 

Reduces the formation of unsightly black lines on the front of your eavestrough

Dura-Clean technology, an ultra-efficient integrated drip edge.


Dirt, dust, roof tar and environmental polluants are regularly deposited onto your eavestroughs. When it rains, these impurities are absorbed by the rainwater, which then drips onto the visible part of the eavestrough.

  • The drip edge channels dirty water directly to the ground, rather than along the rain gutter itself.
  • The drip edge prevents the formation of unsightly dark lines that can be seen from ground level.
  • Available only on the T-Rex XL M-5800.

Hides the eavestrough when seen from inside the home

Spikes and hangers give a less pleasant look to the inside of the eavestrough.


The T-Rex continuous hanger hides the interior of the rain gutter.

  • When seen from inside the home.
  • What's more, spikes fastenings are visible from the ground and can rust over time.

Also, the T-Rex XL M-5800 comes in colours that match the colour of your rain gutter, improving its appearance, whether seen from the ground or from inside your home.

Can handle any storm without overflowing

T-Rex eavestrough products can evacuate almost 3 times the rainfall of the largest storms on record.


Roll-Back technology

  • Keeps water inside the rain gutter during heavy rains.

Alu-Perf technology

  • The perforated T-Rex system efficently drains large quantities of water, without overflowing.
  • A leaf guard with larger holes allows a large quantity of debris to enter the eavestrough. See the independent tests

Additional Benefits