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Gutters equipped with the T-Rex are closed and seamless. This feature makes them extremely strong and prevents debris from getting inside. However, what happens when a property is located in an environment where there is dense vegetation? The gutters’ cleaning cycle takes place at an accelerated rate. Under these difficult conditions, the T-Rex® continuous hangerMC can sometimes let micro-debris in, thereby reducing its effectiveness. To address this issue, T-Rex installers have created an access panel located just above the downspouts. There are three ways to install these access panels.

Access panels installed directly on-site

The first option consists in installing the gutter and the T-Rex gutter protection system at the same time. Once this step has been completed, a small hole is cut directly in the gutter guard, above the downspouts. Subsequently, the installer covers the cut-up section of the T-Rex by using a piece of the Gutter Clean System.

The T-Rex is usually installed on the entire length of the gutter in one piece. The second method consists in installing the T-Rex continuous hanger and not covering the entire length of the gutter. The installer stops right before the downspout. Then, to fill the space, the installer adds a piece of the Gutter Clean System. The downspout is the place where debris most often piles up, which is why it may be a good idea to add an access panel right there.

Installers use the Gutter Clean System gutter guard because it can be screwed directly into the gutter from the front and snapped into place from the back. That way, in case of need, the cut-up portion of the Gutter Clean System can be removed easily.

The access panel standardized and marketed by Alu-Rex

The third method is a pioneering concept by Alu-Rex. Since the other two techniques did not provide a standardized result, the company decided to solve this problem once and for all. The T-Rex access panel offers a standard solution available across the country that can be handled and installed easily at ground level just like the T-Rex. The opening is large enough for an arm to get through. Furthermore, removing the two small screws to open the panel takes a few seconds only. Alu-Rex recommends installing these panels right above the downspouts and at the gutter’s extremity since this is where debris usually piles up and the gutter gets clogged.

 In most cases though, you will never have to use this product. However, it is reassuring to know that the inside of your gutter remains accessible at all times.

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