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What is the difference between gutter, soffit and fascia?

Québec’s changing weather requires specific and durable installations. Without a gutter, your residence runs the risk of dealing with water infiltration problems. Without soffit and a fascia board, mold can grow in the attic. It is therefore important to distinguish these three elements if you wish to integrate them properly into your home.

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Winter-Shield: Saving Canadian Gutters!

Cover, shelter, protect, wrap up… those are all verbs that define only too well our harsh winters. We spend an inordinate amount of time bracing up for snow accumulations and intense cold: car tempo shelters, Styrofoam casings for shrubs, protective tarps for the lawn. Year in, year out, the same ritual takes place.

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Can Shingle Granules Clog My Gutters?


As shingle granules are common in older asphalt shingles, it is normal to worry about what effect they may have on your eavestroughs and, specifically, whether they are likely to cause blockages. However, this is almost never a problem for rain gutters installed with the T-Rex or protected with the Gutter Clean System from Alu-Rex.

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How much do Alu-Rex products cost?

Several factors can influence the total cost of installation. The most important element is the difficulty level of the installation. Moreover, as each company is independent, prices may vary from one installer to another.

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How can I be sure Alu-Rex products are durable?

Given that they come with a warranty, Alu-Rex products are built to last and even extend the service life of your rain gutters. Professionals all over Canada have been installing our products over the past several years, they will reinforce and protect your eavestroughs for decades to come.

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