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Replacing your roof: 3 clues that don’t lie

Purchasing a home comes with many aspects, which is why it is important to plan for and prepare for possible problems. As is the case with home foundations, the roofing structure is key in preserving your home. Vigilance is crucial in this case if you wish to prevent water infiltration and mold, which could spread […]

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Mr. Gutter, is my roof going to collapse on me?

Source: Flickr My neighbor was looking at the 5 feet of snow and ice standing atop her home with a detached yet anxious look on her face. Her side of duplex had fallen prey to heavy snow accumulations, much of which was frozen at the bottom. As her residence had only been built a few […]

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Preventing condensation on windows – an investment

With winter fast approaching, outside temperatures are plummeting. It is thus essential to prepare your home adequately for the cold season, which sure comes with its share of problems. Several phenomena occur with the arrival of the cold weather, such as condensation on windows. This is due to the ambient humidity level inside the house. […]

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Rain gutter killer: hailstorm

Credit: State Farm Broken windshields undoubtedly constitute the most visible kind of damage as a result of a hailstorm, which is still nothing when looking at these 2-inch (50 mm) hailstones that can destroy entire crops.

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The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Wood Stove Maintenance

Fall is the ideal time to get a fire going. In addition to heating your home, a wood stove will help you get through increasingly colder and rainy days by providing a cozy atmosphere. However, before lighting the fire, it is necessary to conduct an annual inspection of your wood stove in order to ensure […]

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A Homeowner’s Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Autumn

Canadian homeowners are too often hostages to their own homes a few weekends per year, overwhelmed by a plethora of issues caused by the changing seasons. Dead leaves, winds, the cold weather and heavy rains all provide frustrating experiences that can cause a range of problems and headaches for those who only wish to enjoy […]

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Disconnecting Gutters From The Sewer System

For several years, Canadian municipalities have been part of a program intended to reduce the amount of water treated by water treatment plants. At the same time, they are helping to reduce the frequency of overflows that cannot be filtered at municipal stations and that would otherwise be discharged into nearby bodies of water. The […]

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Prune a Tree in 4 Easy Steps

There are many reasons why homeowners may want to prune their trees, including aesthetics, to keep the layout of the property clean and organized; for safety reasons, removing branches too close to power lines, windows or the roof; or simply for the health of the tree.

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3 rules to follow before you dig a foundation


The foundation is the base that will support all the weight of your house. The various steps to build the foundation should be carried out carefully, as they can cause innumerable problems if they aren’t done according to the rules of trade. It’s better to spend a little more at the time of the construction […]

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Safety measures: Rules to follow when climbing a ladder

When you need to perform work at a height on your residence there are a few rules you should follow to avoid falling down. Did you know that several injuries are the result of people falling down from ladders? Better play it safe! Uncomfortable working positions, inadequate work techniques, or the absence of protective gear […]

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