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Purchasing a home comes with many aspects, which is why it is important to plan for and prepare for possible problems. As is the case with home foundations, the roofing structure is key in preserving your home. Vigilance is crucial in this case if you wish to prevent water infiltration and mold, which could spread to the attic and the structure of the house. Avoiding these inconveniences means avoiding staggering costs, hence the importance of knowing when to replace your roof.

Warning signs

Roofs have an average service life of 15 to 25 years depending on the materials used. Other elements to consider in this regard are maintenance and the repairs that have been made in the past. It is worth noting that climate conditions, such as rain and strong winds, can speed the aging process. Asphalt shingles are most frequently used for roofs. But how do you know whether roof shingles have reached the end of their useful life?

Damaged shingles

When shingles start to curl or fall, you must act quickly. Indeed, this is a sign that your roof is becoming less and less watertight and moisture will lead to the appearance of mold. In addition, damaged shingles will get ripped from the roofing structure much more easily with strong winds. We recommend that you hire a professional to determine the nature of the damages and advise you in terms of repairs.

Abnormally high number of shingles in the gutter

Shingle debris can also be a sign that you need to replace your roof. Indeed, you should pay close attention to your gutters and check them frequently. If you notice a large quantity of pellets at the bottom of your eavestrough or shingle debris, it is time to act. Weather conditions are responsible for this phenomenon, which occurs due to erosion. Thus, shingles get loose and there is a risk that they will get ripped from the roof by the wind.

Brownish spots on the ceiling

If you notice large brownish dry or wet spots on the ceiling of the attic, it is unfortunately too late. Water has seeped into the roof and made a hole in the protective membrane. In this case, you must act very quickly. It is likely that the roof must be replaced entirely. You can make quick repairs, but they will only be temporary. It’s better to replace damaged shingles than the entire roofing structure.

In conclusion, having a roof over your head is essential, but the latter has to do the job. Don’t hesitate to climb up on your roof and inspect it, or to check inside of your gutters. If you need to replace your roof, make sure you deal with quality installers. To that end, Alu-Rex offers a directory of certified experts across Canada. Feel free to shop around and ask for several estimates to get the lowest price.

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