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Rain Chains installed on rain gutters

Slowly making their way onto Canadian soil, rain chains are far from being new in existence. Formerly known in Japan as kusari doi, rain chains have been around for quite some time and are being used both for temples and houses in the Land of the Rising Sun.

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The secret to a green lawn


Every homeowner dreams of a beautiful and green lawn. They spend most of their time on it during spring and summer, while neglecting it during fall when winter is fast approaching. That being said, fall is actually a key season for working on your lawn. Therefore, it is essential to do more than just raking […]

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Planting a garden: a project easier than it looks

A green thumb is a real gift when taking care of plants, vegetables or fruits is unfamiliar territory. Planting a garden is always in the back of anyone’s mind looking out at their backyard, but it requires too much effort for some. However, it is rather easy to tackle. All you need is patience, time […]

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Cedar hedge: 3 reasons to opt for it around your property

When purchasing a home, it is often necessary to delineate one’s property. Installing a fence can be costly, tedious and unattractive. Another possibility is to opt for a cedar hedge. It’s an option that is attractive and durable, and which requires very little maintenance considering the visual effect it produces. Although a cedar hedge may […]

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Gutters That Fight Hunger

It is often possible to breathe new life into old gutters. This time, Alu-Rex proposes a smart solution for gourmets. The ideal project for small spaces. Do as we do and add flavor to your summer dishes.

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How to Build Your Own Outdoor Rink in a Single Day!

Are you looking for a new way to get your children to play outside during the winter season? Have you ever thought of designing and building your own outdoor rink? Follow the steps below and you will have an ice rink in your backyard in less than 24 hours, not to mention tons of fun […]

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Plants and Shrubs: Things you Should do this Fall

Fall often means outdoor work. As a homeowner, you probably want to make the most of the last remaining days before winter sets in to do maintenance work on your property. What should you do with plants and shrubs? Here’s a useful list that is sure to help you. Get your gloves and trowel!

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The art of living… outdoors

As summer time is short, many attach particular importance to their backyard and how it is set up in order to make the most of their outdoor area! We all know that outdooring has become the way to go during summer. Backyards are now considered as an extension of most people’s home. How to choose […]

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Getting Your Paving Stone Ready for Winter


Although paving stone patios requires very little maintenance, you still need to prepare them to ensure they make it through the winter unscathed. Follow these five easy steps to have a beautiful interlocking stone patio come spring.

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