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Fall is the ideal time to get a fire going. In addition to heating your home, a wood stove will help you get through increasingly colder and rainy days by providing a cozy atmosphere. However, before lighting the fire, it is necessary to conduct an annual inspection of your wood stove in order to ensure that it does not put your safety at risk and that of your loved ones. It would be a shame to have to call the fire department as you get ready to sink into your favorite book. Here’s how to avoid this situation.

Wood stove maintenance

Start with the connecting pipes. Make sure that the joints are not loose and that there are no signs of corrosion or holes in the pipes. Leaky pipes can release toxic fumes in your home. The pipes must also be cleaned on a regular basis. Usually, the manufacturer will provide you with an instruction booklet on how to clean these parts. Replace any pipe if necessary.

Subsequently, look for cracks and corrosion on the wood stove. Check for signs of rust or cracks on the entire surface of the stove, both at the bottom and the top.

Finally, make sure that the materials around the stove are in compliance with applicable standards. Is the required protective wall installed in accordance with the manufacturer‘s specifications? Has the unit been installed on flooring material that has been approved for that purpose?

If you are not comfortable with performing these tasks yourself, call in a professional.


  Inspect safety devices

  Why not take this opportunity to conduct a full inspection of all safety devices in your home?

Smoke and CO2 detectors

Check the batteries in your smoke detector and CO2 detector, if you have one. Replace the batteries, if necessary.

Fire extinguisher

If you have a fire extinguisher, you must make sure that it is functional by checking the pressure gauge. Ensure that the locking pin is intact and well in place, and check that the nozzle is not clogged. Clean the fire extinguisher and, if you notice dents, scratches or corrosion, replace it.

 Flammable materials in the residence

Clean everything. Get rid of old newspapers and leftover household chemicals. (Check with province authorities or your local environmental protection agency for the proper way to dispose of hazardous chemicals.) Keep a clear space around all appliances that produce heat.

 Fire evacuation plan

Each room, including rooms in the basement, should have two ways out. Make sure that the windows are not blocked by furniture or other items. Instruct your family on what to do in case of fire, and set up a meeting place that is safe for everyone far from your home.

fire-alert-on-the-wall_1122-651 You are now ready to enjoy countless autumn evenings around the fire with your favorite book in hand, and a hot chocolate!

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