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The right kind of eavestrough for your residence

First of all, a gutter should be selected based on the configuration of your home and the environment around your property. Your installer will choose the gutter best suited for your residence. They will make sure that it is installed at the right distance from the roof, that it allows water to flow freely, and that it is sturdy enough to withstand temperature changes and impacts. Moreover, the professional you hire will select the eavestrough based on your residence’s needs. For instance, the potential amount of debris that can fall into the gutter or the occurrence of heavy rains will be taken into account.

Seamless gutters

Secondly, gutters sold by retailers will usually come in several parts to be assembled, they are sectional gutters. Despite the fact that they are very convenient to carry, they still require special attention, especially in terms of durability and waterproofness. On the other hand, professional installers work with seamless gutters. Contrary to sectional eavestroughs, contractors will cut your gutter only once, based on the required length. These gutters are less likely to overflow and last much longer, which is a major advantage when it comes to the service life of your gutter.


Installing gutter protection

Finally, more often than not, people don’t even use gutter protection. Gutter guards are key to this kind of equipment. To that end, Alu-Rex has designed the Gutter Clean System, a gutter guard that can be installed on existing gutters. This technology comes with a 40-year no-clog warranty. It will prevent debris from getting inside the gutter, which will in turn allow water to flow freely inside and outside of your eavestrough. Alu-Rex’s T-Rex consists of a continuous hanger integrated into the gutter along the entire length. This feature allows gutters to stay firmly in place, making them much more sturdy and durable. The T-Rex prevents the expansion that occurs during periods of freeze-thaw activity and comes with a lifetime warranty. By calling a professional, you can benefit from all these advantages.


Doing business with a professional allows you to gain full advantage of the products used and guarantees a job well done along with peace of mind, which is important. The best way to find a certified professional is to use Alu-Rex’s search engine, which brings together a network of certified gutter installers from all over Canada. All you need to do is type in your address and the type of services you are looking for, et voilà.

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