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Alu-Rex is committed to providing reliable and efficient products that are sturdy and effective when it comes to draining rainwater, cleaning debris or demonstrating their sustainable features. How can you be sure?

Intertek independant testing

The company has its products tested by an independent certified laboratory: “Intertek.” The latter offers extensive materials testing services conducted by engineers on Alu-Rex aluminum products, in accordance with market requirements. Subsequently, the laboratory submits a series of very reliable statistics showing the performance of the products tested, as requested by the companies with which Intertek does business.

In this case, Alu-Rex hired the laboratory to test the T-Rex and the Gutter Clean System, a gutter protection system fastened directly onto an existing gutter. It is the equivalent of the model used with the T-Rex.


Intertek thus assessed the drainage capacity of our products when clogged by debris in order to verify whether the gutter on which they were installed would eventually spill over. It was noted that at 0% obstruction, the rainwater flow of a 20-foot roof was 755 mm per hour. At 50%, this number was reduced to 537 mm only. What’s most impressive with these results is that the average rainstorm yields about 50.8 mm per hour and that the all-time record for the biggest storm is 304.8 mm of rain per hour. As shown, the T-Rex and the Gutter Clean System can thus face any rainstorm that may come their way.

Debris blown away

Furthermore, Alu-Rex products are self-cleaning, as clearly demonstrated by the tests conducted. Intertek blew debris on gutter protection systems over a length of 305 mm. They showed that winds that blew at 10 km/h could remove 20 wet leaves or up to 100 pine needles, while a total of 200 fir needles were blown away with a wind of 8 km/h and around 20 dry leaves were easily removed. Therefore, it would be hard to believe that debris can accumulate on the T-Rex.


The last test conducted by Intertek aimed to verify the T-Rex’s sturdiness and durability when compared to traditional installations. The goal here was to determine the weight that could be applied before warping the system by 1 inch, depending on the distance between the nails or hangers as well as between the screws of a continuous hanger system. It was noted that at a distance of 8 inches, the gutter fastened with nails could withstand up to 170 lbs compared to 250 lbs for the T-Rex.

The independent laboratory therefore proved beyond the shadow of a doubt Alu-Rex’s claim that its products were more efficient and more reliable than more conventional competing products. When shopping for this kind of product, it goes without saying that opting for the T-Rex or the Gutter Clean System will put your mind at ease.

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