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Québec’s changing weather requires specific and durable installations. Without a gutter, your residence runs the risk of dealing with water infiltration problems. Without soffit and a fascia board, mold can grow in the attic. It is therefore important to distinguish these three elements if you wish to integrate them properly into your home.

Main function of gutters

First, gutters are intended to redirect liquid precipitation away from the foundation and the roof. Gutters allow avoiding water infiltration, which can lead to mold and cracks in concrete foundations. By directing water away from the house, you considerably reduce the prospect of bad surprises. It is important to maintain your gutter properly as a clogged eavestrough will cause overflow while no longer playing its role adequately. To that effect, Alu-Rex’s T-Rex is made of aluminum and comes with built-in gutter protection. Such a tool also protects the system from snow and ice, thereby optimizing the gutter’s functions.


What is soffit?

Soffit is a large aluminum plate with small perforated holes installed under the outside edge of the roof, under the gutter. It has several functions: it protects, it is aesthetic and it allows ventilating the attic. This kind of system is actually an air intake for maintaining a suitable temperature in the attic.

In terms of protection, soffit helps prevent water seepage and frost-thaw activity during the winter season. It also stops insects on their way to infesting the attic.

Aesthetically, soffit puts a great finishing touch to the roof.

Its most important function though is ventilation. Indeed, the air intake combined with the fan located at the top of the roof prevents the creation of moisture. Mold is therefore very unlikely to grow under such circumstances. Additionally, the air circulation that it creates helps prevent the formation of icicles over the edge of the roof.

Soffit comes in various materials, such as vinyl and aluminum. Aluminum is a little more expensive, but much more durable and effective than vinyl.

Role of a fascia

Although the fascia and soffit are complementary, they have different functions. The fascia is a long piece of aluminum painted the same color as the house as it will be seen from outside. This is where you fasten the gutter so that the space between soffit and the roof is leak-proof . Hence, debris, snow and rain can no longer seep into the roof.

It is above all aesthetic, once again, since it represents an interesting finishing touch to the roof of a house. For materials, aluminum is better than wood or vinyl as it is durable and features properties that best suit the demands of changing seasons.

In conclusion, these three systems are complementary and contribute to the protection of your roof and foundations. They are optional, but their installation is easy and low-cost. They also defend your home against potential problems. It is a good way to prevent repairs that could lead to hefty costs.

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