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Alu-Rex once again has reinvented the field of gutter guards! After 5 years of research and development, the team is proud to launch its new generation of continuous hanging that offers even more efficient filtration technologies: the DoubleProMC.

A Second Layer of Aluminum That Makes All the Difference

At first glance, the DoubleProMC is similar to the famous T-Rex® offering the same strength and durability., but DoublePro has a second layer of perforated aluminum. After dozens of prototypes and hundreds of tests, this innovative and patented design is preferred: two layers of aluminum working hand in hand to increase filtration and reduce the maintenance of your gutters.

Few people know how effective the development of efficient rain gutters is:  you have to filter as much as possible while letting the rain pass without the filter clogging! The perfect model would assume that the gutter guard is ultra-strong while removing maintenance. Every homeowner affected by gutters clogged with pine needles or sprouts dreams of the day when he or she will definitely be able to put away the ladder, pail and gloves. DoubleProMC brings us closer to this reality.

Eclipse TM Microfiltration Technology              

Alu-Rex is the world pioneer, using two perforated aluminum membranes in a gutter guard. The second membrane is able to block access to tapered debris such as pine needles which are often the cause of major obstruction while allowing the viscous substances that cause trouble to flow when the perforations are too fine.

Drainage Supported by VortexTM    

But does this second layer of aluminum reduce drainage capacity?

Short answer: NO!

In fact, this second layer of aluminum is so close to the first that a suction effect is created. Water on the surface of the leaf guard is sucked into the perforations of the first layer to drain through the second layer. If you are a scientist at heart, this is called the surface tension and at Alu-Rex it is the VortexTM effect.

VortexTM technology, exclusive to Alu-Rex raises the continuous hanging debris guard to the same drainage capacity as other Alu-Rex products, more than twice the amount of rain that has fallen during the largest storm ever recorded (Holt, Missouri, USA, 1947).

A Glimmer of Hope for Nature Lovers

Nobody wants to cut a tree because it causes too much gutter maintenance. When testing DoubleProMC in extreme vegetation zones, the reactions of homeowners who helped us confirmed the physical and even psychological relief that a well-designed product could provide. Their smiles and thanks were worth more than all our scientific results. These are the reactions that motivate the Alu-Rex team to continue to innovate and bring new products to Canada and around the world!


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