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A well-insulated garage door allows for both style and savings. When chosen adequately, a well-insulated garage door helps reduce cooling and heating costs, makes your house and garage more comfortable, increases the performance of your car and improves the resale value of your home.

Electricity savings

Especially in the case of an attached garage, as it is an integral part of the building envelope, this positively affects the cooling and heating costs of the home itself. An insulated door will also generate cost savings depending on the type of material selected. For example, a single steel door will allow you to cut your electric bill by $400 to $640 per year.

Benefits of having an insulated door even if your garage is not heated

Your garage is not heated? This does not mean that an insulated door would not be beneficial. Indeed, the added insulation of the door will make it more durable and more resistant to potential damage. Furthermore, as insulated doors are becoming increasingly popular, the most modern designs are often only available in this type of model.

Enhanced comfort thanks to the insulation

As the name suggests, an insulated garage door also serves as insulation from the outside world. Consequently, not only is ambient noise less perceptible in the garage, but in the house as well. In addition, the insulation of the door will greatly contribute to regulating the ambient temperature of the garage, thereby reducing the impact of extreme heat or cold. So, you will enjoy working in your garage a lot more .

Enhanced vehicle performance

Starting a car in cold weather is always tough on the engine as the oil must get warmer before the car can start. However, if the garage is better insulated, it will be quicker to get the oil at the proper temperature. That is why having an insulated garage door can positively affect engine components and help reduce car maintenance costs.

Improve the resale value of your home

As insulated garage doors have many advantages, they are part of the listed preferences of potential buyers. It’s thus easier to sell a house with an insulated garage door, not to mention that it’s going to increase the resale value of your property. After all, it covers on average 40% of the facade of a house.

You can now start shopping for your insulated garage door. There is certainly no lack of door models and colors!

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