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It is very important to clean your gutters regularly. Every home is different, but it is generally recommended that you clean your gutters twice a year or if you see water overflowing on a regular basis. Fall cleaning is by far the most important, however.

Here are a few tips:

Remove all leaves and debris from the rain gutters

Leaves, maple keys, and pine needles can accumulate in your rain gutters over time. This debris needs to be removed so water can drain properly. You can clean it out by hand or use a gutter cleaning scoop. If you have to get up on a ladder, be careful. It is best to set down the container you will be putting the leaves in rather than holding it in your hand to reduce the risk of losing your balance or falling.

Clean eavestrough downspouts of all debris

If your gutters have debris in them, your rain gutter downspouts may as well, so make sure water is flowing down them properly. Oftentimes leaves build up in the bend of the downspout, so you may need to remove the top part to empty it completely.

Make sure there are no cracks inside the rain gutters

While you are up on the ladder cleaning the rain gutters, check for cracks. Also take a look at the joints and corners where leaks more often occur. Just pour some water in the gutters and watch where it goes. This will help you spot any places that need repair. When inspecting your eavestroughs, also make sure they are in good condition, sloped properly, and not sagging, and check the fascia to make sure everything is in good working order.

Don’t want this item on your to-do list twice a year? There are products on the market that can spare you this time-consuming, often hazardous chore. Rain gutter protection (or leaf guards) and continuous fastening systems prevent your gutters from clogging by keeping debris out. Check this task off your list once and for all!

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