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Patio-garden-furnitureEven in regions where the climate is mild, patio furniture is still exposed to sunlight and dirt. To keep your outdoor furniture in good condition for a long time, it is recommended to clean it once a year. In order to make this task as easy as possible, it is best to use the right tools and choose the right type of cleaning products.

1- Cleaning white plastic patio furniture

Clean the surface of tables and chairs with a piece of cloth using mild dishwashing liquid diluted with water. Afterwards, flush with a hose to clear away residual soap.

2- Cleaning wicker furniture sets

A small brush soaked in a mixture of water and soft oil-based soap will allow you to remove dust from the furniture’s wicker lattice. To reduce the amount of cleaning required by this type of patio furniture, it is better to wash it quickly with a hose every couple of weeks to prevent dirt from infiltrating the cracks.

3- Maintaining brushed steel or aluminum tables and chairs

Brushed steel is easy to clean using a piece of cloth soaked in dishwashing liquid diluted with water. Simply flush your outdoor furniture with plenty of water.

4- Washing colored plastic or resin patio furniture

Using an all-purpose cleaner mixed with water will easily remove dirt from plastic and resin furniture. To preserve its luster, polish the surface with a soft cloth or an applicator used for that purpose. Just remember to remove the cushions first since the varnish can leave stains.

You are now ready to give your patio furniture a second life! Just light up that BBQ and you’ll be all set to enjoy your patio to the fullest!

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