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steel-wheelbarrowWhen it comes to gardening, the wheelbarrow is an indispensible tool! However, there are many options to consider and the choice is not always an easy one. Depending on your situation, there is a wheelbarrow made especially for you!

Material: Plastic, metal or other?

Although wood is no longer a material of choice for wheelbarrows, there are still some wooden models out there. However, most commercially available wheelbarrows are now made of either plastic or metal.


  • Delicate, perfect for light gardening
  • Less expensive
  • May crack under cold temperatures
  • Not suitable for transporting heavy loads


  • Sturdy, designed for carrying a variety of heavy loads
  • More expensive
  • Heavier
  • May rust if left exposed to the elements

Traditional vs. ergonomic handles

The two standard straight handles are great for manoeuvring your wheelbarrow. Nevertheless, new models with ergonomic handles require less strength and are easier to use for people with narrower shoulders.

Wheels: 1 or 2, pneumatic or not?

Traditional one-wheeled models make moving and unloading the wheelbarrow easy, but require more physical strength to control. Two-wheeled models are easier to stabilize when transporting heavy loads, but are much less manoeuvrable and do not work well on uneven grounds.

Pneumatic wheels are fitted with inner tubes that act as a shock absorber and make for a smoother ride. However, as is the case with any air tire, pneumatic models can puncture or burst if not properly maintained. Other wheel models are usually made of durable rubber. While the ride may be bumpier, you will never have to deal with a flat tire.

Use these simple tips to choose your wheelbarrow and start your spring gardening!

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