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fascia gutterVery popular in Western Canada, fascia gutters differ slightly from traditional K-Style gutters. In fact, fascia gutters are smaller at the bottom and the gutter itself is higher.

However, this smaller bottom can limit your downspout options. Here is what we recommend for fascia-style gutters.

Install downspout funnels

A larger downspout is especially important for gutters installed on a home located in an area with pine and fir. As the downspouts of fascia style gutters are generally 2’’ x 3’’ given the size of the bottom of the gutter, water drains more slowly than with the 3’’ x 3’’ or 3’’ x 4’’ downspouts installed on K-Style gutters. The solution is to install a funnel at the top of the downspout. This funnel will effectively drain pine needles and prevent the downspout from getting clogged.


You should know that using a 2’’ x 3’’ downspout, without a funnel, in an area with pine and fur is likely to cause obstructions. These blockages often lead to water infiltration in the roof and foundation, a problem that is both complex and costly to fix.

Use a rain chain

If you want a unique and eye-catching look, a rain chain may be the way to go. These increasingly popular tools effectively drain rainwater while adding a decorative touch to your yard. However, rain chains installed in an area with pine require an opening of at least 9 square inches.

Whatever solution you choose, the important thing is to maintain drainage capacity by making sure the downspout opening is wide enough. Special attention should be paid to downspouts installed around pine and fir needles due to the heightened risk of clogs.

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