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It’s not always as easy as it looks to ensure efficient drainage of rainwater in driveways. Without adequate solutions to that effect, you may end up with water infiltration in the foundations or even the garage. You thus need to make sure that your driveway is equipped with highly efficient drainage systems so as to avoid such problems.

Position and slope of the driveway

Ideally, if you don’t want to install a drainage system, the slope of the driveway should lead water to the street rather than to the residence. Moreover, it is preferable to design the driveway so that it is above street level, which will ensure that water goes from your residence to the street. However, you may be required from time to time to work on the property to correct the slope.

Drains installation on the ground

In certain cases, it won’t be possible to create the desired slope for the driveway. This will require additional work for draining the water adequately. In the specific case where the driveway is positioned below street level, one or several trench drains are recommended. Additionally, it is all the more important to have one trench drain right between the end of the driveway and the garage in order to avoid water infiltration. Other types of drains may also be installed in strategic locations where water tends to accumulate in the driveway.

Landscaping techniques around the driveway

When the driveway leads water to plant beds, you may design the area in accordance to allow for optimal drainage performance. There are several techniques that you can use depending on your personal tastes. You can even opt for a design that extends along the driveway. For more information, please see our blog post on landscaping ideas to help control rainwater.

Permeable paving stones to improve water drainage

Another option for combining efficient drainage and good looks is to install permeable paving stones. The porous joints in-between each paving stone will let water seep through to the soil. Furthermore, the lay-out of these stones allows for water from heavy rains to accumulate before being slowly absorbed by the soil. Although installing paving stones in such a way is more complex than your standard design, it does allow for optimal drainage of rainwater in your driveway.

In conclusion, regardless of the drainage problem you may be experiencing, there will always be a solution specifically designed to address the issue!

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