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An experienced gutter installer can cut corners with aluminum snips in no time at all. But how about making the job even easier and eliminating annoying hand cramps?

Gutter Runner tool #2

We started with the Automatic Crimper, and now we’re adding another high-performance Gutter Runner tool: the Retractable Saw. In addition to replacing your guillotine, the Gutter Runner Retractable Saw makes clean angle cuts in 3.2 seconds. Cut all day long—no sore hands! Even your apprentice will make perfect cuts every time.

The power of 3 technologies combined

First, the design team built the cutting system around a Rigid compound mitre saw so it could cut angles on 6 in. gutter. That means the Gutter Runner Retractable Saw is compatible with many gutter machines (including KWM and Newtech) and can cut different gutter sizes (5 in. and 6 in.).

Next, “Slide & Cut” technology lets you move the saw laterally with one hand to get exactly the right cut length. Who wants to play with the gutter machine, going back and forth in hopes of getting the right measurement?

Finally, the “Air Lift” system features hydraulic arms that make the sturdy structure as light as possible. The saw is easy to use with a safe amount of force—which helps prevent mishaps—and retracts neatly to save space.

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