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Gardening is an act of nurturing and maintenance that starts with your tools. To keep your gardening tools in good condition for longer, you must take good care of them.

1- Clean your tools after each use

With a wire brush, remove dirt from the surface of the tools under water. The following mixtures will help you to clean your tools effectively, depending on the situation:

  • A bleach-based solution to sterilize;
  • A mixture containing vinegar to remove rust;
  • Turpentine to remove conifer resin.

2- Always keep your tools in proper storage

When not in use, your gardening tools should be stored away from the elements. Rain, dew and snow can cause damage. After cleaning, store your tools in a dry place free of moisture that could cause rusting.

3- Sharpen your blade tools

Gardening blade tools may need to be sharpened. To do this, use a 10 in (25 cm) metal flat file to sharpen the blades at the original angle. You can also use a whetstone if you feel you need more precision.

You are now ready to care for your gardening tools and maintain your garden, flower beds and rockeries!

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