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Did you know? Alu-Rex cares about the environment! The following are some of the efforts made to help preserve the natural world around us.

Recycled aluminum products

The aluminum used to make the vast majority of Alu-Rex products is recycled. In fact, the aluminum rollers used by the company are composed of more than 90% recycled materials, making Alu-Rex a major player in the use of reused materials.

Very little waste

While they may be perforated, the T-Rex and Gutter Clean System membranes produce virtually no waste. In fact, the chad created by the perforations is recycled. The same is true for all damaged products, which are returned to an aluminum and copper recycling facility.

Moreover, cardboard boxes that are damaged or deemed obsolete are either recycled or used for packaging finished products.

Eco-friendly lubricant

The lubricant used on the equipment at the Alu-Rex plant is composed of a simple soap solution diluted to 98% with water. It is therefore safe for both humans and the environment.

Other gestures, such as incorporating regranulated materials into plastic products, are made every day to reduce the company’s ecological footprint. We encourage you to do the same by recycling our packaging!

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