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My installer recommended I get a 0.021-inch gutter, and told me the regular gauge won’t stand up to Canadian winters. What should I choose?

In normal circumstances, a regular gauge gutter is more than adequate for Canadian homes, when it’s combined with the T-Rex M-5200 continuous hanger system. The continuous hanger distributes pressure from snow and ice evenly along the trough and prevent debris from getting in and clogging the gutters. Gutters with traditional nail and spaced hanger systems with anchor points every 18 to 24 inches can be damaged by the weight of the snow.


There are, however, exceptional cases where you may need to install thicker, more rigid gutters, such as if the roof of your home is very steep or the slope is longer than normal. Professionals also strongly recommend you install a thicker gutter with the T-Rex M-5800 XL system if you have an aluminum or steel roof, which is more prone to discharging large quantities of snow or ice that can cause damage when it falls.

Find a certified installer in your area who will be able to answer all your questions, and suggest a system to meet your needs.

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