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Although Alu-Rex products don’t cause ice build-ups, they are not designed to prevent them from happening. Ice build-ups on roofs are rather caused by ventilation or insulation problems (Note: freeze/thaw cycles during winter will also cause build-ups) . When there is heat loss, the snow melts and freezes as it comes into contact with the roof overhang, which is colder. If you notice ice dams or icicles, it is recommended that you consult with an insulation and ventilation specialist.

Ice build-ups in rain gutters

Rain gutters with no leaf guard

If you don’t install a leaf guard, ice is very likely to form inside your eavestroughs until icicles appear, showing at the front of the gutter. Ice build-ups may then cause irreparable damage to your residence given the expansion and contraction that will occur during freeze-thaw activity.


Rain gutters with the Alu-Rex gutter guard

Thanks to Alu-Rex products, ice and snow which may have accumulated during winter will flow directly into the rain gutter when they melt or when it rains. This is why it is preferable to have ice accumulate on the product rather than inside the eavestrough. Your rain gutters will neither get damaged nor will they end up twisted following freeze/thaw activity.


Consequently, if you have problems with ice dams or icicles, you should first meet with a specialist who will advise you, namely, on how to properly insulate your roof or attic, or on whether you need to have a fan installed. These actions will allow you to avoid irreparable damage to your roof system, namely caused by water infiltration.

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