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Depending on your tastes and the activities for which you want to use your yard, one landscaping style may suit you better than another. While gardens come in a wide variety of styles, here are the most popular ones:

The French garden

French-garden_Francisco Antunes

Credits: Francisco Antunes

The French garden is an expression of symmetry and geometry. Plants are pruned into perfect shapes. These gardens are meant to be seen as a whole, such as from a balcony or terrace. Although stunning, they do require a lot of maintenance as every plant and flower has its place and must always have an elegant cut.

The English garden


Credit: David Merrett

English landscaping is relaxing and comfortable. These gardens usually include flower beds overflowing generously onto pathways, water features and benches on which strollers can rest. This style is known for its arrangements of perennial plants, creating bursts of colour.

The Zen garden


Credits: Luis Valdez

The Japanese garden, also known as the Zen garden, creates a balance between order and nature. Spirituality is central to the design, which almost always includes water and either sand or gravel, which also represent water. Generally, this kind of garden also uses moss-covered rocks, lanterns, statues and bridges.

The Alpine garden


Credits: Dylan Parker

Often called a rock garden, the Alpine style is inspired by Nordic landscapes. This down-to-earth type of landscaping uses rocks, low bushes, ground-cover plants and flowers. The Alpine garden is perfect for properties located in cooler regions with less sunlight.

Modern landscaping


Credits: Josh Ward

The modern style emphasizes the garden’s materials and structure, leaving the plants and other natural elements in the background. Modern gardens are dominated by brick, stone, wood and even metal constructions. Vegetation is used as a decorative element, while the garden is seen as an extension of the home.

Of course, it is also possible to combine different types of gardens to create a style all your own!

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