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Waterfall-pond-lightingAre you going to landscape your yard this summer? Thinking of making changes to your current landscape design? Get inspired by this year’s trends to get the best looking yard in the neighbourhood!

1- Take a step back from the world

We live in an increasingly fast-paced world in which there is a great need to both step back and relax. Privacy walls, cedar hedges and decorative fences are taking the world of landscaping by storm as homeowners seek to turn their yard into an island of tranquility. The trends for 2015 take this new craze into account. Get out your tools because the privacy wall is THE new landscaping trend.

2- Create outdoor rooms

Although the outdoor kitchen trend has been in full swing for a few years already, the demand for this type of design is still growing. In 2015, outdoor living rooms and open sunrooms are popping up everywhere, becoming as comfortable and inviting as the inside of the home.

3- Use lighting to your advantage


Credits: Aménagements ERB Concept

As well-manicured lawns are becoming more and more trendy, people want to make the most out of them. Custom outdoor lighting allows you to enjoy your lawn, as well as a cozy atmosphere, after dark. With the right light, plants can take on a whole new look thanks to the contrast created by shadows and light.

4- Plant edible flowerbeds

Separating your vegetables from your flowers is now a thing of the past. This new trend advocates combining edible plants with ornamental varieties to transform your flowerbeds into plots of fruits, vegetables and herbs.

5- Use plants to attract birds, insects and butterflies


Credits: Daniel Audet

To fully enjoy nature, there is nothing quite like growing plants that bring birds, bees and butterflies to your yard. For example, basil and violets attract butterflies, while hyssop and yarrow appeal to bees. You can also use landscaping to encourage birds, such as hummingbirds, to visit.

6- Add water features

PondPonds, fountains and waterfalls are becoming increasingly popular. Not only do they increase the value of your property, they also create a zenlike ambiance. Don’t be afraid to add water features as options exist for all budgets and property sizes.

What trends will you incorporate into your property?

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