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The perfect lawn is every homeowner’s unattainable dream. However, you can avoid these six pitfalls to increase your chances of having the greenest, most lush lawn in the neighbourhood.

1- Choosing the wrong lawnmower for your needs

The right mower is essential to achieving the lawn of your dreams. Manual mowers may be great for small areas, but they make for long and arduous work on larger properties. Standard mowers are a great choice for small- to medium-sized yards, and have the distinct advantage of greater manoeuvrability. Finally, lawn tractors are best for larger areas.

2- Using dull blades

Over time, mower blades wear out and no longer cut as effectively. If your grass appears to be more ripped than cut, your blade is most likely dull and should be sharpened. For an even better-looking lawn, keep a spare set of freshly sharpened blades in the garage or shed.

3- Mowing the lawn at medium speed

Contrary to popular belief, driving a lawn tractor at full speed is not bad for the motor and won’t lead to a bad cut. The speed of the blades depends on the speed of the mower. Thus, the higher the RPM, the more even the cut.

4- Cutting wet grass

Wet grass tends to stick together, which can easily block the mower. Moreover, wet grass is slippery and can lead to an uneven cut.

5- Not mowing the lawn regularly

When mowing the lawn, never cut off more than two-thirds of the grass blade. The best way to keep your lawn at the preferred length is to mow it regularly. Mowing your lawn often will also help keep the grass strong and healthy.

6- Not cleaning your lawnmower

Not cleaning the underside of your mower after each use shortens the life of the machine. Not only does grass buildup prevent air from circulating, thereby reducing the quality of the cut, it also allows humidity and fertilizer to corrode the blade.

Enjoy having the best-looking lawn in the neighbourhood!

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