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In the summer, UV rays damage and fade asphalt surfaces and, in the winter, snow and ice can lead to cracks. As is the case with most household maintenance tasks, maintaining your asphalt can save you money down the road. Here is how to properly maintain your driveway.

1- Thoroughly clean the driveway

Cleaning your driveway lets you check the condition of the asphalt and make any necessary repairs in an effective manner. A good washing of the paved surface will help remove any plants growing in the cracks in preparation for the next step.

2- Maintaining and repairing the asphalt

Before making repairs to your driveway, be sure to clearly mark off areas to block off pedestrians. Establishing boundaries will reduce the risk of people trampling over your fresh asphalt. If you have pets, it may also be a good idea to figure out a way to keep them away from the area as they, too, can damage the asphalt.

Be sure to fill cracks and potholes. Hardware stores carry products that will enable you to do this yourself, especially if the holes are small. If the damage is extensive or if you aren’t good with your hands, it may be a good idea to contact a professional.

3- Protect the asphalt with a sealant

We recommend spreading sealant on the asphalt of your driveway every two years. Before starting, be sure to lay down cardboard and protective tape to facilitate clean-up. Try not to use too much sealant as this could lead bubbles or peeling. Two thin coats of sealant will protect your asphalt driveway better than one thick coat.

As is the case with most outdoor maintenance tasks, putting in a little work and a few dollars will help protect your investment from much more costly and disruptive problems.

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