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Some residences are located in areas filled with coniferous trees. Several homeowners have problems dealing with needles that end up clogging their eavestroughs. Fortunately, Alu-Rex products are efficient when it comes to preventing such obstructions, even when dealing with coniferous trees.

Things to consider to avoid clogging

When your property is located near coniferous trees, all you need to do is make sure the rain gutter downspout does not get clogged. To do so, install a 3” x 3” (7.5 cm x 7.5 cm) downspout, or larger, so that the installation is in compliance with the Alu-Rex no-clog warranty. You may also want to use a funnel with an opening equal to or larger than 9 sq. in. (22.86 cm) as an alternative to prevent any kind of obstruction.

Debris may also accumulate on top of the product. However, this should not have any adverse effect on its efficiency and the wind will eventually resolve the situation. In the most extreme cases, it might be required to clean the eavestrough occasionally.

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