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The T-Rex is a continuous hanger. It is the same as using hundreds of hangers next to each other to hold a rain gutter firmly in place, thereby fashioning a continuous hanging device with no weak spot.

Standard eavestrough installation


Spikes and spaced hangers are spaced evenly approximately every 16” (40 cm), which makes the eavestrough a lot more solid but in these areas only. It is considerably weaker between each hanger. During winter time, the gutter gets filled with ice and snow, which end up twisting it. Moreover, as it is open, dead leaves and debris clog the rain gutter and eventually cause water infiltration in the roof and the foundations.

Rain gutter installation with the T-Rex continuous hanger


Using the T-Rex continuous hanger is the equivalent of installing hundreds of hangers next to each other. The eavestrough is thus firmly fastened to the residence. As there is no weak spot, ice cannot twist it in periods of ice/thaw activity. Additionally, the T-Rex acts as a leaf guard against dead leaves and debris. As a result, rain gutters never get clogged and the risk of water infiltration is much lower.

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