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The Alu-Rex marketing team spent several months creating a video that shows the various water, debris and ice drainage cycles of the T-Rex® continuous hangerMC. We are pleased to announce that the result speaks for itself: the product successfully protects gutters from even the worst weather. It is always surprising how many hours of work, and how much trial and error, are required for just a few minutes of video.


Settling on a location and viewing angle for the shoot is already an adventure. Do we have constant access to the property? Can we drill into the structure of the building to make sure our equipment set-up is secure? Are there any electrical outlets near the gutter? Is there an Internet connection so we can check the camera remotely? A simple preliminary step that poses a multitude of questions.



This step involves the bulk of the work, which was happily carried out by a team of experts from Urbal Productions. In addition to isolating the camera in an airtight case, the team had to make sure the lens did not fog up inside because of condensation caused by electrical activity. Outside, the image had to be clear of snow and water had to flow without forming droplets on the protective surface. Quite a challenge!



For these two short videos, more than 200,000 photos were taken at 2-minute intervals every day for 9 months. As a result, Urbal Productions had to sift through 1,500 GB of Ultra HD files to find the most representative days that clearly showed the evolution of the performance of the T-Rex.

This approach, which demonstrates the effectiveness of the continuous fastening system in real life without using internal simulations, was very satisfying for the team. We hope you enjoy it!

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