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Logo-Alu-RexAlu-Rex has proudly displayed its current logo since 2006. What does it symbolize? How did Alu-Rex build its identity around this strong image?

Gutter Guards: Central Part of the Alu-Rex Logo

In its purest form, the perforated diamond shape symbolizes the most popular gutter guards in Canada: the Gutter Clean System and the T-Rex by Alu-Rex. These two products are created from perforated aluminum foil, and are two Alu-Rex flagship products. To celebrate gutter protection products further, we selected the colour grey for the logo, representing aluminium used in their manufacture.

The Company Name Reflected in the Colour Palette

In Latin, the name Alu-Rex refers to aluminum (Alu) and king (Rex). The colour blue evokes the name’s royal aspect and symbolizes a mythological divinity.

Strength and Durability in Every Letter

A symbol of strength and durability, the T-Rex continuous hanger protects gutters against winter’s harshness as well as against snow and ice hazards. Similarly, the typeface is straight, simple and bold. It serves as a reminder of the outstanding protection provided by Alu-Rex products.

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