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As the T-Rex is a fastening system designed to be used with new rain gutters, it must be installed by a professional installer. As a result, you may not install it on your own because it is a rather complex process.

Installing new rain gutters with the T-Rex

When a professional installs your new rain gutters, he uses the T-Rex rather than spikes and standard hangers. You will thus have a high-quality, durable fastening system. In addition to acting as a continuous hanger that holds the eavestrough firmly to the residence, the T-Rex will also protect your rain gutter from dead leaves and debris.


Installing the Gutter Clean System on existing gutters

If you only want to purchase a leaf guard or do not wish to replace your existing gutters, opt for the Gutter Clean System. It will allow you to protect your eavestroughs from dead leaves and debris in addition to reinforcing them so that they can withstand the weight of ice and snow. It’s ideal for existing gutters.


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