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If you live in the vicinity of Langley, British Colombia, and are shopping gutters and downspouts, you need to call Kyle Chester! Owner of Kymar Gutters Inc., Kyle has been a gutter installer for the past 30 years. His small family business boasts a custom service, which means that your call will never be answered by a recorded menu. Kyle and his team are passionate people who take pride in providing a courteous service to each of their clients.

 Taking pride in a job well done

The company installs gutter systems on any type of new construction, while specializing in the replacement of residential gutter systems. Kymar Gutters Inc. also provides a wide range of maintenance services to its existing clientele as well as to property management companies. Everything that the company undertakes is based on a value system centered on respect for the environment and a strict code of business conduct.

With Alu-Rex from the beginning

In 2003, Kyle was one of the first installer selected to provide installation services for Alu-Rex products when the latter came to British Colombia. Even though the west coast gutter industry was fairly advanced, installers had been waiting for a long time for a product that would serve both as a leaf guard system and a fastening system at the same time. Alu-Rex successfully solved both problems by offering products that could keep gutters clean, while being sturdy enough to withstand the weight of snow and ice.

Kymar Gutters Inc. believes that having confidence in the products it recommends and installs is paramount. Alu-Rex products are sturdy, durable and come with an excellent warranty, which allows Kyle and his team to ensure customer satisfaction. Once Kyle’s team has completed any type of work, it will never have to return for defects or as a result of inferior quality products, which is why Kymar Gutters Inc. has been a proud partner of Alu-Rex for all these years and sells exclusively its products. Moreover, Kymar Gutters was one the first companies to be certified as an ELITE Alu-Rex installer. This certification namely includes additional training in the field in order to ensure that all installations are performed according to stringent quality standards.

Clients always have the last word

Nothing beats the testimony of a satisfied customer when it comes to convincing potential clients! A few years ago, Kymar Gutters Inc. was asked to replace the gutters on a 50-unit condominium complex. One of the specifications from the complex was to have access panels installed with the T-Rex so that maintenance employees could flush out debris that could potentially clog the gutters. Four years after the installation had been performed, the president of the housing cooperative allowed members of the board of another cooperative, that was also planning to purchase the M5200 series for its gutters, to come and see the product for themselves. During this meeting, the client confessed that for three consecutive years, maintenance workers had inspected the gutters by lifting these access panels and that no debris had ever been found. Of his own admission, the owner had realized that doing this was actually a waste of time as the Alu-Rex product worked perfectly. The potential clients were very impressed with his testimony and Kyle didn’t even need to say one more word to sell the product to these new customers!

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