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destroyed-flower-bedThere are several landscaping techniques to help effectively drain rainwater away from houses. Many properties have areas where heavy rain gathers and pools due to the natural slope of the terrain.

Vegetation systems to manage rainwater

Situations like this are not only unpleasant, they can also provoke landslides and may potentially damage foundations. To avoid this, several control techniques can be employed. Vegetation systems for controlling rainwater are chosen based on the desired landscaping effect and water management needs.

Creating a river of rocks to drain rainwater

In the case of heavy rains, a river of rocks can receive the water because it already has a creek shape, but isn’t designed for water to run permanently. River of rocks not only help drain runoff naturally, they lend an original touch to your landscaping. An underground drainage system can also be installed to divert excess water to a dry well. This solution is ideal when the dry well can be located at the bottom of a slope to collect water from the whole property and thus avoid rainwater accumulation.

Making a rain garden for a better water management

Another option is a rain garden made up of water-loving plants tucked away in a basin, pond or stream. This technique turns a boggy area of a property into a place that collects and drains rainwater. Choosing plants that require a lot of water and prefer clay soil is key. Simply place them in a part of the property where rainwater flows to create an attractive garden that doubles as an excellent drainage system.


Filling slopes with vegetation with large root systems to better hold soil

In the case of properties with elevated areas and a risk of landslides, vegetation with large root systems can help hold soil in place. Some properties have banks or slopes that can be damaged by heavy rains. To avoid potential landslides, opt for plants with large roots that buttress the soil and counteract rainwater’s negative effects.

Whatever rainwater management challenges you face, there’s a landscaping solution to help solve the problem and beautify your property at the same time.

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