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Most homeowners agree on the importance of installing gutters on their homes, but what about garages, sheds and gazebos? Do they also need eavestroughs?

Here are the key benefits of installing a rainwater gutter system on all of the buildings on your property, not just your home.

Prevent water infiltration

Regardless of the type of building, the main purpose of installing rainwater gutters is to stop water from seeping into the foundations. So installing gutters on your garage, as on your house, helps prevent water from entering.

Protect flowerbeds

As is often the case when there are no gutters, rainwater pours down from the roof, damaging the flowerbeds below. Installing a gutter system, whether on your gazebo, your shed or your home, helps move the water more slowly, thereby protecting your flowerbeds and your lawn.

Prevent the accumulation of standing water

Gutters, especially when combined with downspout extensions, help direct water away from buildings. This prevents pools of standing water from accumulating near your structures, including garages and sheds. Standing water is a breeding ground for insects and can damage your lawn.

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