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With the harsh and long winters of the North American climate, not to mention rainy autumns and wide temperature variations, several residents are bound to experience some sort of problems with their gutters one day or another.

Your classic gutter is usually fastened using spaced hangers or nailed directly to the house. Needless to say, such installation techniques do not optimize these systems’ service life and aesthetics. Fortunately, Alu-Rex has come up with an innovative product that addresses most of the drawbacks related to using these installation techniques: the T-Rex® continuous hangerTM.

The Perfect Hanger

This invention consists of a large sheet of aluminum with small perforated holes that completely cover the gutter opening. Although it works in the same way as a spaced hanger system, it doesn’t have any weak point as it provides support on the entire length of the gutter. Therefore, it becomes extremely strong. In addition, the cover ensures that no debris, such as leaves, snow or branches, will fall into the gutter and prevent water from flowing freely into the eavestrough. Moreover, the tiny holes allow the water to slide into the gutter without any overflow.

Gouttiere-fixee-T-RexWhen compared to standard spaced hanger models, the continuous hanger system is a lot sturdier. Since there are no more weak points left due to the space between each hanger, the gutter is robust on its entire length. As snow won’t fall directly into the eavestrough and warp the structure, the product has a longer service life. Indeed, water could cause the whole system to warp during periods of freeze/thaw activity, not to mention a possible water infiltration problem. Aesthetically speaking, the product is very attractive and the fact that debris cannot enter the gutter directly allows preventing any overflow of dirty water that could stain the outside of the eavestrough.

To conclude, the continuous hanger comes with a lifetime warranty on the equipment and the installation. Older systems simply don’t compare to this product. There are only upsides to the T-Rex continuous hanger when it comes to eavestrough fastening systems.

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