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Dog-fenceYour furry friends are part of the family, so make a few landscaping changes to help keep them happy and safe. Always keep your pets in mind when it comes to landscaping so you can choose options that will hold up to their use.

Dogs love to dig and eat plants, and they can cause damage to grassy areas. Nevertheless, it is possible to have a beautiful yard that is also dog-proof!

Paving stone and natural stone to the rescue

Masonry is perfectly suited to a dog-friendly environment. Not only does stone solve the problem of holes dug by your four-legged friends, it also makes lawn care a cinch.


Artificial grass for a greener yard

Artificial grass is a great choice for dog owners who want a green lawn without all the work. It’s durable and water-resistant, and helps prevent yellow spots caused by canines.

Choose your plants wisely

Plant selection is important as many fur babies make a habit of eating them. Many kinds of flowers and shrubs are toxic and could make your four-legged friend very sick if ingested. Certain products used to treat things like lawns and cedar hedges are also harmful to pets. Talk to your landscaper or nursery specialist.

Fence off part of your yard for more freedom

Fencing off some or all of your yard is a great way to give your furry friends a bit more freedom. Giving them a space of their own will help ensure their safety while giving you peace of mind. This area can also be used to give your dogs some fresh air when you’re out of the house. In this case, make sure they have an area where they can seek shelter from the sun and rain and ensure access to fresh water at all times.

Your pets will thank you!

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