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Do Alu-Rex products require maintenance?


Alu-Rex products are among the safest and most efficient leaf guard systems currently available on the market. Based on the independent testing report, a soft breeze is enough to clear most debris. However, in certain areas shielded from the wind, debris may indeed pile up.

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Will wet leaves stick to Alu-Rex products?

leaves on leaf guard

It is very likely that wet leaves will temporarily stick to the top of the T-Rex or Gutter Clean System. However, they will dry quickly and be blown by the wind. Drainage will be as efficient even with dead leaves on top of your rain gutter protection.

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What is the difference between the T-Rex and Gutter Clean Systems?

The T-Rex and the Gutter Clean System are 2 products that protect the rain gutters from clogging by leaves, debris, ice and snow. The two gutter guards have the same objective: prevent water infiltration into the roof and the foundations. However, although these 2 products both protect from leaves, the T-Rex system allows new gutters […]

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