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Rain Gutter Protection

Help Mr. Gutter, my Gutters are Overflowing!

As part of the Alu-Rex team, I am now known as the gutter “specialist” among my friends. It was thus no surprise to me when I got my first text message some time ago about a friend dealing with clogged gutters. Without a moment’s hesitation, I went on location to complete this first assignment at […]

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Samaras: Number One Enemy of Gutters in the Spring!

Commonly referred to as helicopters, maple seeds are a threat to gutters. Falling by the thousands in some areas, it is difficult to prevent them from filling the interiors of gutters, clogging downspouts and then causing water infiltration with undrained water rising to the roof or falling close to the foundations.

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The T-Rex inside corners now take 2x as much water!

STILL AS IMPERVIOUS TO DEBRIS – STILL AS STURDY – OUR CORNERS CAN NOW TAKE 2X AS MUCH WATER Thanks to their additional perforated holes, the inside corners of the T-Rex© continuous hangerTM now have twice the water intake capacity as before, which allows them to drain the added flow of any roof valleys.

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3 Types of Major Damage Caused by Ice Build-ups

In the winter time, gutter systems are under severe strain. Not only can ice cause substantial damage to your gutters, but also your home. Since your home constitutes a major investment, it is important to protect it from damage caused by ice build-ups. Here are the main problems caused by ice build-ups in gutters.

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