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Maintaining Your Lawnmower in 3 Steps

It is important to perform seasonal maintenance on your lawn tractor or lawnmower to keep it in good working condition for longer. Here are a few maintenance tips to help get started when it’s time to mow your lawn.

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Landscaping Trends for 2015


Are you going to landscape your yard this summer? Thinking of making changes to your current landscape design? Get inspired by this year’s trends to get the best looking yard in the neighbourhood!

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How to Use Landscaping to Attract Birds


Whether you are an amateur birdwatcher or a seasoned ornithologist, your landscape design can help attract birds to your property. While hundreds of plants appeal to birds, following these guidelines greatly increases your chances of transforming your yard into a favourite spot for birds.

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Maintain your Asphalt Driveway in 3 Steps

In the summer, UV rays damage and fade asphalt surfaces and, in the winter, snow and ice can lead to cracks. As is the case with most household maintenance tasks, maintaining your asphalt can save you money down the road. Here is how to properly maintain your driveway.

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Weeds vs. Lawn: Who Wins?


Weed management can often be quite daunting. You barely have time to finish the required tasks before you have to start all over again. Weed control takes time and effort if you want results worthy of a golf course.

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3 Criteria for Choosing your Wheelbarrow


When it comes to gardening, the wheelbarrow is an indispensible tool! However, there are many options to consider and the choice is not always an easy one. Depending on your situation, there is a wheelbarrow made especially for you!

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The 5 Most Popular Landscaping Styles

French-garden_Francisco Antunes

Depending on your tastes and the activities for which you want to use your yard, one landscaping style may suit you better than another. While gardens come in a wide variety of styles, here are the most popular ones:

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